What is Wheat Ridge Speaks?
Many of us care about what happens in our community, but not everyone has the time to participate in person. Wheat Ridge Speaks (WRS) allows constituents to review and give input on Planning Commission and City Council actions without needing to attend public meetings.

On Wheat Ridge Speaks, you can review upcoming meeting agendas, read staff reports, and submit comments directly to decision makers.  Wheat Ridge Speaks does not replace the in-person public hearing, but augments the process by providing a convenient, online repository for your comments.

City Council meetings take place on Monday evenings, and their meeting agendas are posted the Friday before.  Usually, City Council has regular business meetings on the second and fourth Mondays of the month, and study sessions take place the first and third Mondays.  Planning Commission meetings take place on Thursday evenings, and their meeting agendas are typically posted about a week and a half in advance. 

View the list of upcoming public meetings on the City Calendar, and learn more about public meetings.

Thank you for your participation!